my beautiful nieces


With the idea of my friend ‘dolly” (thanks) in her kiddie corner wherein she wrote something about her nieces and nephews, I got an idea of writing also some things about my two beautiful nieces.

I really love children and I’m planning to have two in the future..(hehehehe)… In fact, every Sunday I used to play with my neighbors’ children. I bought them some food and I read them a story. I feel very relax everytime i spent time with them.

We have no anymore babies in our house since my younger sibling is already 12 years old. My nieces are not there also because they are in Manila. My parents missed them very much. They are their first grandchildren from my first elder sister.

 And so much for that long introduction, I want you to meet my two beautiful nieces..

We called them as Yana and Kim. They are very cute and pretty girls. I will write some things about each of them very soon. You must watch out for that hehehehe.

For now, just have happy time looking to these two cute angels. For any talent who wants to manage them, just let me know hahahaha.. I’m just their proud uncle, open for negotitiation.. (joke)
By the way, I’ll tell you guys of how’s the feeling of being an Uncle for the very first time.. You know the feeling or you can still remember the feeling when you know that you pass the board exam or any exams you have taken? Or the feeling that after of long wait you’ve finally got the only thing that you’re dreaming of. Or the feeling that after steep efforts and hard sacrifices of courtship, you’ve finally heard and recieved her sweet and precious “YES”. That’s exactly the feeling that I felt when these two angels came to my life. I’m so excited to hug and kiss them. I already formulated some things/plans that I’ll be going to do if I am with them. I have already planned my christmas gifts for them. I also promised to do everything to be the “best uncle in the world”. For me, this is only a limited chance, you cannot find another time to do it again.. So please, sis let them have a christmas with us.. hehehhehe