2nd step forward…


I hope I could make it!

I have so many dreams in life. Dreams that I want to realize. Dreams that I need to fulfill. and dreams that I have to succeed.

One of my dream is to become a lawyer someday.Since childhood days, I focused myself in dreaming of becoming one of the respected and popular lawyers in the Philippines. I don’t know how to do it but I am serious. Unfortunately, I am poor. My family cannot afford to enroll me in a law school. So what I did actually, was enrolling myself in an accountancy school. They said that law course was the extension of accounting course. Maybe because some of the subjects like law and taxation in law course are also in accounting course. And then, luckily, after 5 years of so much endeavor and sacrifices, I finished it and eventually have passed the board examination.

Now I am working and I think I could afford myself in enrolling in a law school. This is the time; the 2nd step forward to my dreams..

Today, I will be going to law school where I am planning to enroll. I will inquire about the requirements and the date of entrance examination.

I hope God will help me in realizing my dream. And I believe I will be a good lawyer someday.