Night Swimming..


I am very happy being with people who are very loving, sweet, caring, treating each and everyone as bestfriends, funny, and respectful..being with my new friends.. It sounds like a perfect group of friends but we’re not. We are just the same with other groups; thus, composed of young individuals with different perspective, different ambitions, different attitudes, different professions but we’ re sharing same thought; that is to make our friendships grow..

It really makes me feel comfortable everytime I am with my new found friends/buddies. It’s a great feeling knowing that you have someone to be called ‘true friend”. It’s not the length of time you’ve spent knowing each other that counts, but rather it’s the magnitude that brings both of you to same thinking and thought.. the ART of FRIENDSHIP..

I met my new friends 3 months ago when my whole family transfered our residential place to other Purok (composes the barangays).. We have no definite number as to member but we are sure that we are binded by the same thought TRUE FRIENDSHIP..

Last night , we did our first get togethers as friends. Without so much preparations, we were carried by two motorcycles going to the “Wood Breeze Swimming Pool”. I’m very excited as we headed there. We had no so much food except the undying junk foods, small dinner viand (rice and grilled fish) and buko salad.

We arrived there at 8pm+. The place was very good. Not crowded.. The water was so cold. We were all very happy. Knowing each other more..better… And the rest are history… 

I hope I can download their pictures soon. Looking for many get togethers with them… I am very happy to be part of your group guys…