May He Rest in Peace!

It’s part of  my daily routine when I am in the office to read blogs of my favorites bloggers. My day is  not complete without visiting them.

Last day, I visited one of my favorite blogger and I read it there. I feel lonely while reading that post. I imagined what if it will happen to me. I mean how about one of my closest family or relatives will pass away. What will I do? Or how can I accept it? I can feel the loneliness that he felt. We cannot really determine when is our time. When is our expiration date. Life is short that’s why we need to do things rightly, to give value to everybody whom we loved, to say thank you to them, to spend quality time with them, and to tell that we love them.We must love ourselves also  because we cannot give true and sincere love to somebody if we don’t know how to love ourself.

Still thinking of that post, I went home tired and lonely. Maybe I am still in the feeling of showing my sympathy to the family of Mr. Jon. But I am wrong! There is more tough reason why I feel so affected. Oh my gosh. May he rest in peace.  My mother told me that the husband of my first cousin just died 10 hours ago.  He died because of too much drining of liqour. I was shock and cannot believe. Is it a coincidence? or that’s his way to say to me that he passed away. (Huhuhu).

I am very lonely. I now clearly understand the feeling of Mr. Jon when he lost his uncle. My husband’s cousin became nice to me when I am still living with them. It was 6 years ago. I lived with them for almost a year when I am still in high school. He and his family became so nice and kind to me.

I can’t forget him. I’m sad that I did not say “thank you” to him when he was still alive. Now it’s too late. What I can offernow is prayer. Prayer that he may found true peace in heaven.

Bon voyage Kuya Johnny. I think you’ve already done your purpose in Earth. May you rest in peace.


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