Nice Try…

Since Christmas day is approaching, our company organized an event and we called it “RD IDOL”. This is a singing contest with a format similar to PINOY IDOL of GMA. It will be participated by different big companies under RD Group of Companies. The Big Night will be on December 12, 2008 during our company group christmas party.

This contest aims to give each employee a chance to showcase their hidden talents, practice commaraderie and cooperation between company deparments, and to provide great entertainment to all employees of RD Group of Companies on the day of the christmas Party.

The contest has 3 stages.. The elimination round, semi-final round and the final round. Each subsidiaries of RD Group of Companies must send 2 representaives for the  semi-final round.

And yours truly is one of the representative for our subsidiary. But sadly, I didn’t make it on the final. The competition was very tough. All were very competitive and very good on their own piece.. Ended, it’s a great experience for me…..NICE TRY….. I gained enough confidence and am now ready for the next year RD Idol.. (Ahehehe)..

Below are some of our pics during the contest.. FYI: I also joined the dance group intermission number during the contest. What an exposure! Hehehe I really loved being with this company. It motivates me not only to work hard but also to be a future singer and dancer… Hahahahhaha..


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