Christmas Holiday… soon!


christmas011         Christmas is an annual holiday that marks and honors the birth of the Holy Son,  Jesus. Mostly,  people from different parts of the world especially those who are Christians are celebrating it through gift-giving, church celebrations, and display of various decorations.

         27 days to go and we will once again commemorate Christmas Day. I already felt the spirit of Christmas and I am very excited about it. Why? Firstly, because it’s a holy day and only happens once a year. Second, it’s a gift-giving and receiving day. I am looking forward for gifts coming from my close friends and families and I am excited also to see the big and happy smiles of my family members and the children in the neighborhood as I give them gifts and candies. (I hope my budget will suffice). Thirdly, I will be very busy attending various company christmas parties (abundant food hehehe but how about the expenses in buying outfits and gifts??HuHuhu not really happy…hehehe). Fourthly, it’s a non-working day. I will have enough time to sleep and relax since work will resume on the 2nd of January. Lastly, it’s a bonus and 13th month pay time. More money, more expenses hehhehe…

         But more than everything else, I am happy during Christmas day because of the atmosphere that it brings to each and everyone of us.. the feeling of happiness..with our family.